Why solar energy will be the number one source of energy by 2030

solar energyThe world is moving from non-renewable energy to renewable energy. And solar energy is without doubt the best renewable source of energy. Due to the increase in industrialization and the deprecating quantity of oil and natural gas, individuals will slowly opt for solar energy. Solar energy is available to one and all and that too in unlimited quantity.

That is to say for the next several thousands of human generations, we are not going to fall short of solar energy. Thus, for all practical uses, it will never ever deplete. solar energy comes with many advantages which will make it the primary source of energy by 2030.

Irrespective of the direct sun visibility, through cloudy days, it’s the presence of the sun’s radiation that is the source of solar energy. Another major advantage that makes it the most economical source of energy is that it is totally free of cost.

The only cost is the initial set up cost. Once you have surpassed the initial investment phase, the equipments set up harness solar energy for the rest of their lifetime, absolutely free of cost, and devoid of fueling or lubrication requirements.

There is no future billing, operating the systems etc. This is because most solar equipments are automated and self-powered for self-start, self-operation and self-shut-down. With their increased usage in homes and as a result massive manufacturing, and even with their usage by regular consumers in product segments, such as hot water panels, solar powered equipments are becoming more and more affordable with each passing day.

With the increasing prices of depleting sources of energy such as petroleum etc., it will eventually become the cheapest. since its free supply, it is independent of distribution, disputes, territorial ownership, and associated charges.

It is completely pollution-free. Its usage doesn’t result, in harmful residues or polluting side products that cause a hazard to the environment. It does not need purification or refining from substances that reduce its efficiency or capacity to provide energy. It operates with 100% quietness,thus no noise pollution.

Solar energy is available even in remote areas of earth. It’s a myth that solar energy is available only during the day. It can work similar to inverters that usually recharge, when there is electricity supply, and start up when the electricity supply fails. Similarly solar energy based appliances, equipments and machines can function during day time, and can have a recharge unit to provide power during the night.

From the above information it is evident that by the year 2030 solar energy will be the primary source of energy to almost everybody.