About Robert

There are few topics more worth discussing than the potential of solar energy for residential and commercial purposes. No matter whether you are a private home or business owner, it’s now time to think about the countless of benefits that a new solar panel installation provides for decades to come.

My name is Robert and I work for one of California’s biggest energy corporations. I know, you are curious which one, but I prefer to not disclose it at this moment. Firstly, I want to attract a big audience of regular readers who are interested¬†in solar related articles, and if they don’t like that company that means they probably don’t like my blog, too, because they think my content is sponsored by it – which is not the case.

And secondly, I really prefer to separate¬†working, thinking and writing on this blog from my regular 9-5 job, so it’s kind of a hobby that might turn out to provide some great connections in the future.

Alright, I think you know a little bit of my background now. Well, maybe one more thing: I live in San Francisco, I’m married to a beautiful wife (Kelly) and we have one four year old son (Michael). So that’s basically it for this page, I suggest you head over to my posts on solar energy to find out more about why I find that topic so interesting and I hope you will get curious about it, too.